Connect groups & Discipleship

We believe we were designed to live in community, so we have many different groups available to help you get connected at Riverside. 

Connect Groups (formerly Life Groups) are designed to help you connect with others and to grow together in faith and encourage one another. Typically they are relationships & discussion-based. They are generally lower commitment, you don’t need to attend every week, but hopefully, they’re something you look forward to each week. If you are looking for connection, Life Groups are where you want to be. 

Discipleship Groups are designed to help you dig deep in your faith and learn more about what the Bible says about a certain topic. These groups are open to anyone, but they do ask that you commit to attending each week if possible. They may also ask for you to prepare beforehand or complete “homework” to more effectively use your time together. If you are looking to learn & grow in your understanding of your faith, Discipleship groups are where you want to be. 

What do I need to do?

1. Select a Group that interests you.
2. Contact the host saying that you are interested.
3. Go and have fun while meeting new friends.


Time & Location: Mondays from 18:30-19:30

Riverside Church Budapest, Karolina ut 17/A Budapest 1113

Who: This group is for adults

Contact: Andrea Donley –

About the Group: Do you love prayer?  Are you a prayer warrior?  We intercede/pray for different countries, people groups, Budapest, the church, and each other.  One of the methods we use is Joy Dawson’s principles of intercession.  We meet on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Monday of every month when there isn’t a praise and worship night from 6:30-7:30pm.

Hearing the Voice of God

Time & Location: Every Tuesday 18:30 – 20:00 beginning January 11th  for 7 weeks

Riverside Church Budapest, Karolina ut 17/A Budapest 1113 

Who: This group is for adults

Contact: Andrea Donley –

About the Group: Have you wondered what voice is the Lord’s?  Have you wanted to know more about how God speaks to you?  This discipleship course will cover why God speaks, what He speaks, when He speaks, where he speaks, how he speaks, and who he speaks to.  We will read examples from the Bible, look into our own personal life, and do practical activities to help us be able to distinguish the voice of the Lord.  At the end of the course, we will take what we have learned to do an outreach in the city.  The goal is that by the end of the course you will be able to walk in confidence in knowing when the Lord is speaking to you and how he speaks to you. 

The Person of Jesus

Time & Location: Thursdays from 18:30-20:00 Beginning January 13th for 7 weeks

Riverside Church Budapest, Karolina ut 17/A Budapest 1113 (entrance from the street)

Who: This group is for adults

Contact: Andrea Donley –

About the Group:

In today’s world, we focus a lot on the divinity of Jesus, but what about His humanity? This class will focus on Jesus’ humanity and how we can relate to Him. We will look at Jesus’ emotions, His family dynamics, His temptations, His friends and more. The hope is for you to look at Jesus in a new light and have a different kind of relationship with him once you realize he relates to you more than you think.

Biblical Personal Financial Management

Time & Location: Thursdays from 19:00-20:30 Beginning January 20th for 7 weeks

Riverside Church Budapest, Karolina ut 17/A Budapest 1113 (entrance from the street)

Who: This group is for adults

Contact: Gretchen Rose –

About the Group:

During our seven-week class, we will view and discuss the video series “Managing Our Finances God’s Way” and additional videos and written materials. We will learn Biblical principles and practical tools to help effectively manage money matters, such as spending, budgeting, giving, and saving.

Riverside’s Men of Valor

Time & Location: All men are welcome to join us very other Tuesday from 7:00-8:30 in the downstairs room at the church. 

Contact: If you have any questions, please email Dan Bishop,

About the Group: Men of Valor has a goal of giving men to the opportunity to gather together in fellowship, for training and accountability. Confidentiality and trust are essential traits of this group. 

Connect Group: Budapest Powerhouse Fellowship

Host: Lillian Katusiime

Time & Location: Wednesdays from 19:00 – 21:00

Karolina Room Riverside Church Budapest, Karolina ut 17/A Budapest 1113 (entrance from the street)

Who: This group is open to everyone

Contact: Lillian Katusiime

About the Series: We share and study the word of God, with interactive topics like Faith, Waiting on the Lord, Purpose in Life,  Relationships, HolySpirit, walking in Victory, Repentance,Trust, Worship, Soulties, Family, Hope, Generosity, Tithe and Offering, Self identify, Spiritual Growth etc. In addition, we study characters in the Bible, like the Disciples.

Please contact  Lillian Katusiime if you would like to join this Life Group or if you have any questions.

Spanish Connect Group

Video Informativo

Topic: Relaciones Emocionalmente Sanas 

Host: Sonia Alanya & Roberto Rivas

Time & Location: Starting on 9/19, every Friday from 19:00-21:00, In person (District V) contact Sonia for address. 

Who: This group is open to Spanish speakers

Contact: Sonia Alanya —

About the Series: En el curso de Relaciones emocionalmente sanas, aprenderá ocho habilidades prácticas de las relaciones, para desarrollar relaciones maduras y amorosas con otras personas, tales como: Dejar de leer la mente de los demás y esclarecer sus expectativad; Escuchar con empatía; Subir la cuesta de la integridad; Jugar limpio.

Y como no se puede separar el amar a los demás y el amar a Dios, cada persona también crecerá en su relación personal con Jesús, incorporando la quietud, el silencio y las Escrituras como ritmos diarios. **Please register for in-person meeting** 

Kingdom Heroes Connect Group

Host: Mark & Amanda Nelson

Time & Location: Tuesdays 19.30 – 21.00. Starting Tuesday 18th January on Zoom

6 weeks looking at “Kingdom Heroes”, discussing, praying and generally doing life together!

Contact: Amanda

About the Series: 
We will be looking at “Kingdom Heroes”, discussing, praying and generally doing life together!
Are you living by faith? Each of us must daily choose between giving in to the world’s pressure to trust in ourselves or yielding control of our lives to God. While following God’s directions when we don’t see immediate results can be difficult, the payoff will always be tremendous.
In this six-session series, join Dr. Tony Evans as he looks at the people in the Bible’s Hall of Faith: Old Testament heroes, such as Abraham, Noah, and Moses, who let God lead their lives. Learn how their journeys can help you understand what it means to walk in faith.

The Life Of Nehemiah

Host: Beth James

Time & Location: Wednesdays 18:30-20:00 

Who: Anyone

Contact: Beth at or +36308817930

About this Group:  We’ll be studying the Life of Nehemiah.

Topic: The Pastoral Letters of Paul

Host: David Chatburn

Time & Location: 2nd and 4th Friday of each month – fellowship time begins at 7 PM and the study time starts at approximately 7:30 PM. We conclude at 9 PM. Currently meeting online.

Who: This group is open to all adults

Contact: David Chatburn – 

Other Information: We will begin by learning about the author of these letters, Paul, who he was and what was his background. There are a lot of different opinions about this man who Jesus chose, and we feel that it is important to know about the author so that we can understand the context of his writings. We will then learn about Timothy and explore the two letters written to this young pastor. Following that we will move on to the letter Paul wrote to Titus, learning what we can about this man and where he served. Although these letters are sent to pastors, there is a lot that we can learn from what Paul wrote to these two church leaders. We plan to delve deep into each of these letters, therefore, there is no set agenda on what is covered in each session as we intend to proceed through the study at a pace comfortable for the group. As a result, there is no set end date for this study.

Note: This group has been meeting in various forms for more than 5 years now and over this time the make-up of the group has changed. There are a few of us who were there from the beginning, while some have moved on. We are eager to make new friends and to share in the sweet fellowship that we have enjoyed by being a part of this group. Since we will be meeting at different people’s homes, the group is not suitable for children.

Improving Communication in Marriage

Host: Toncho and Ani Tonchev

Time & Location: TBD

Who: Families, Married or Engaged Couples

Contact: Toncho Tonchev or Ani Toncheva or you can fill out this form Vertical Marriage-Family Group

Video About the Group

Riverside Young Adults

Time & Location: Thursdays at 18:00, meeting in District 7

Who: This group is for university students and young adults

Contact: RYA – Email | Facebook | Instagram

About the Group: Riverside Young Adults is a culturally diverse, English-speaking community of young adults in the heart of Budapest. You are welcome to join us and learn more about who we are and what we believe.  More info can be found on their FB & IG (linked above). 

If you would like to lead a Life Group, please do not hesitate to contact us about your ideas.

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