Welcome to Riverside!
Here's what you can expect when you arrive...

Riverside Church Budapest is an international, English-speaking church. We have people from more than 60 countries & a variety of Christian faith traditions & backgrounds. The dress here is casual, but if you prefer to dress up you’re welcome to! We recently moved into our new facility, so we’re still working out the sound system & the flow of the building so please bear with us. We hope you feel welcome and at home from your first visit. If you have any questions or concerns you can always reach us by email at riversidechurchbudapest@gmail.com



Worship Center

How can we help:

If you have any questions, you can ask any of our serve team members or staff members. Both our serve teams & staff can usually be identified by their lanyard name tags, the serve team’s lanyards are black and the staff team’s lanyards are orange. If you need assistance getting up the stairs please ask the greeter at the front door they will be happy to help or to grab someone to assist you, we have several volunteers ready and able to help you up the stairs.

Getting to Riverside:

Public Transit: We are located very close to the 17/61 tram lines & the 212 bus. Both stops are called Alsóhegy utca. 

Parking: There is street parking available outside our building, typically on weekends it is easy to find parking. Parking is PAID on weekdays. 

Emergency Exits:

We have two emergency exits which are clearly marked, but if you have any questions you can check with any of our staff members. 


Our coat racks are located past the welcome table to the right of the Cafe. 

“Parking” is available for strollers, scooters, and bikes and is located just inside the entrance in the little alcove to the left. 

Toilets are located past the welcome table, behind the cafe. 

If you have a baby (under 18 months):

We have a changing table available in the women’s restroom. There are also comfortable chairs in there if you’d like to nurse in private. 

If you’d like to take your baby out of service, you’re welcome to sit in the cafe area, we have a speaker out there so you can hear the service and we are working on hopefully having video streaming available in the fall. If you cannot hear the service, feel free to ask one of the sound/media team members to come out and turn it on for you. 

If you have kids (18 months-5th grade)

Check-In :
If this is your 1st time with us, we will register your child at the Check-in table located in the central hallway outside the worship center. When you come back the next time, you will be able to check in at the Ipad table. Here, they will receive a name tag with their name and the location of their class. You can check-in at any time before class when you arrive. Classes are open 5 minutes before service. Children can begin going into the classroom at these times and they will not participate in the adult service.

We have classes with teachers for children ages 18 months-5th grade.

Child Pick Up:
Children will not be dismissed to go to their parents. They will stay in the classroom until a parent comes to pick them up. Parents (or adult approved for pickup) will need to show the matching pick up label for their child(ren).

Parents Communication:
We have a Private Facebook Group for our Parents: Riverside Kids Budapest Here we post pictures each Sunday and also Parent resources. If you would like to join this group, please let us know.