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The 2020 Challenge

Challenge yourself

Challenge yourself to spend Where should I spend 20 minutes with the Lord?
Find a quiet place (at home, at the office, etc) that has little to no distractions. This will help you focus on God.

Recommended Schedule
20 minutes a day. That could be 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night or 20 minutes at one time. You could have 10 minutes of Bible reading and 10 minutes of prayer. Be creative!

What should I do if a missed a day or more?

No problems, just pick up where you stopped last time. Remember this is not a contest or a requirement, this is to help you draw closer to God.

Bible Reading PLan

The Bible Project: The
Bible Project uses videos to discover different topics or books of the
Bible. Great to use for an overall view of the Bible or on a topic.

My Bible: Easy site to use. It is limited on translations of the Bible but has several good plans to offer.

You Version: There are several plans to choose from and can be in many different translations of the Bible. You can even change the language for the Bible reading. Some of these devotions have a commentary portion along with the Scripture reading and some of just Scripture.

Prayer Guide

Start with an open hand of praise. Praise God for who He is.

  1. Hold your Thumb and pray for your love ones (family, close friends, etc) in your life.
  2. Hold your Pointer Finger and pray for the world-wide Church; for Riverside Church Budapest; and for those who are helping to spread the Gospel message.
  3. Hold your Middle Finger and pray for the government and national leaders. If you are an international living in Hungary, pray for your homeland and for Hungary.
  4. Hold your Ring Finger (which is the weakest finger) and pray for those who are sick, who are in need, or who are weak in their walk with the Lord.
  5. Hold your Small Finger and pray for your needs, for forgiveness of sins, asking the Lord for His will to be done in your life.

    End by taking a few moments to thank God for His goodness and His blessings.